Meet Kate, Bec, Grace, Kasia and Tish. Over the next three weeks these five Fourth year students will share with you their journey leading up to the “DANGEROUS GOODS” exhibition and catwalk show.

Bec Martin – Catwalk.

New Skin- Forming and transforming skin. Fluidity, tension and structural form.

This week my main concern has been the balance of colour and shape throughout my collection. Once i see all six outfits together next week I can decide if any changes need to be made.
Wins- finding a zigzag machine that doesn’t hate me.
Losses- discovering the colour of the fabric I had dyed is a bit uneven. Dang.
Daydreaming- about how I’m going to customise my shoes, and about what font to use for my work (it’s so hard to find the font I’m imagining!)
Listening to- Young Widows.
Snacking on- yoghurt top muesli bars. Ha.

Kate Sala. Catwalk.

So we are coming to the business end of the deal uni-year wise, as my dad would say, and we are trying to churn out as many garments as physically, mentally and emotionally possible. Dramatic much?, hardly, spend a day on level ten and you’ll see the emotional range of highs and lows equivalent to a season of the bold and the beautiful (quote unquote Peter Boyd.) Days turn into nights and nights well, they just become morning again, and because of the casino like nature of level ten (no windows to the outside world, and clocks that are all mismatched in time) we really have become out of touch with the world outside. We have two weeks till Melbourne Spring Fashion Festival, and the exhibition kids have one week till the Exhibition begins. Level ten life continues. – Kate

Kasia Gorniak. Exhibition/Catwalk

Made some progress this week have started on outfit No. 5 but still have things to finish on the others. Feeling stressed out but also excited about having to make things for my collection and for the exhibition but trying to get most of the outfits finished this week and work on the other pieces next week. Went to the containers to figure out the arrangements of our installations. Found that its hard to plan it all and can’t really do it properly until we have all of the content in there which will be at the end of next week.

Eutichia Drakopoulos – Catwalk
I feel like i’m almost out of steam, with the most difficult part of this show prep yet to come!
Tomorrow I’ll start working on my last outfit, which is pretty exciting, but also bloody scary. I’m making pants. Pants are scary.
So far so good though, there have been some big and small bumps along the way…yesterday i had to remake a coat lining…not fun.
Every day i write a list of thigns to do, tick off maybe half of those things, and the rest get added onto the next day. I’m really sacred that at some time in the near future there will be no “next days”. AHHHHHH SHIIIITTTTTTT! xox tish

Grace Brown – Exhibition/Catwalk

How am i feeling?
I’ve had a mad few days. I guess i have really been feeling the pressure. Its a mix between fear, stress, excitement and exhaustion.

How is your work going?
Its a bit SLOWer than i would like–I was meant to film my pieces yesterday but things never turn out the way you planned…so its been pushed back

what are you finding challenging?
4 of 6 my garments are ready, but i’ve stalled on my major highlight piece. I threw out the term “less is more” and i went a little too far. I’m trying to reason with myself that putting a garment in my collection that looks like someone threw-up licorice allsorts is probably a bit of a hit-and-miss option. So now i may have to re-work the entire design. Timing is crucial and i have to remember to not get blinded by the fear, the stress or the competition and just stay focused on my own work and the integrity behind what i do>>>>which is to create.
xoxo gracie

Check in again with the girls next Tuesday !


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