**CALICO – The First Year Student Parade- by Alex Hackett **

Last Friday, on the 28th of October, the RMIT Fashion first year’s for 2011 had their first official showcase of their works. It was a night of innovation, creativity and inspiration represented in a fashion parade consisting of individual outfits designed and sewn by each of the students in the year level. It was an event full of laughter, appreciation, and relaxation (especially for all us first years having just finished our assessment!) There was extravagance and minimalism, the outrageous and the elegant, and yet even though each outfit was completely unique, there was a common thread between all pieces, they were all created by the same group of people, under the same pressures, in the same place – level 10, RMIT

Each outfit embodied a particular theme that we had been exploring that semester, ranging from Lima Llama Lurid to Japanese Demons. The only challenge was that, being the new kids on the block, we had to use a pre-provided fabric – the of course very workable and aesthetically pleasing – cotton drill. But we didn’t let this hold us back, and for those students who’ve managed to hold on through the high and the low points of the first year of this course, see our social lives diminish under our very eyes (it’s not that bad, really), spend countless mornings digitizing patterns, endure all nighters working on trend kits and textiles homework, and then top it all off with endless amounts of hours devoted to designing our collections and sewing our garments (all enabled by a sudden love of coffee and caffeinated beverages which surprisingly developed only just this year), this night was a moment we’ll look back on for years to come.

But before you look through a few of the images from the night, I’d just like to give a special mention to the two main organizers of this event – Amanda and Dom – because, without them, this event wouldn’t have been possible!

I hope you enjoy looking through the plethora of upcoming talent that lies in the RMIT Fashion first year students…

(Well done to the first years! – it’s over, you did it!)

All photos thanks to Johnny Le, more can be seen at: http://www.veinsthud.blogspot.com

A special thanks to the amazing folk at Zomp shoe store for their support!

One Response to “**CALICO – The First Year Student Parade- by Alex Hackett **”
  1. Gen says:

    great job!

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