Fashion & Film Fundraiser Night!!!

To Anyone who loves a bit of Film and a bit of Fashion, The Dartless Block Collective is inviting you to join them to the cinema… and you don’t even have to go too far! This Tuesday the 9th of August in 8.11.68 RMIT the screening of Grey Gardens (1975) will be shown. Admission is only $5 and … Continue reading


…A new year. A new semester. And maybe even some new feelings of fashion mystery! Sometimes it is just so hard to find that inspiration after two months of holidays. But now that we are back on Level 10 and fashion is slipping back into our dreams, it is time to catch that magic again.

Welcome Back / Level 10 Publication

  Welcome back! Although we are only at week five, it feels like we never even ceased from 2010. This year we seem to have operating hours in sync with 7-Eleven, are more diverse and busier than ever…

First Impressions

Clementine Day and Jac Leeson have just finished their first year and were minding the exhibition for a large chunk of the duration. They share their thoughts and experiences after spending so much time in the space..

RMIT level 10 exhibition

Apologies for the tardiness of this post! We’re still here, just recovering from the wave of assessments, and celebrating the launch of the Level 10 exhibition…

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